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Dream Home: What You Need to Know Before You Buy by Anthony Alofsin

Available in color, black and white and E-book editions, 150 pages, $25.99/$7.99/$9.99.

Published 2013

ISBN-13 (Color): 978-0-9820630-3-3 ISBN-13 (Black/White): 978-1484802151 ISBN-13 (E-Book): 978-0-982063040

Dream Home: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

By Anthony Alofsin

ARE YOU A FIRST-TIME HOME BUYER? Are you a real estate agent or builder whose clients need help in buying their first home? Have you wished there was one simple guide that helps you through the process of buying a home and explains everything from the key players in the housing business to interior design choices and architectural styles? Dream Home is that guide. It provides homebuyers with insightful commentary on the American housing industry and turns readers into more informed real estate consumers. It explains architectural styles and shows how branding and themes have replaced them. It gives practical advice on basic issues that affect the quality of life in your home, including siting, proportion, choice of facades, and landscaping. And much more. This book will help you: * learn about the process of making and marketing houses * understand how selecting options for your home is a major cost factor * consider the impact of styles and themes on the identity of your home * communicate what you want instead of automatically accepting what you are offered.

"No home buyer should be without this book. Anthony Alofsin offers us access to information that’s hard to find in a single source. Armed with industry definitions and insider’s tips, Alofsin gives step-by-step guidance that’s crucial to making sure you buy the house of your dreams..” Helen Thompson, editor at Modern Luxury’s INTERIOR TEXAS

"“This is a fabulous book which provides prospective purchasers of mass ‘tract’ housing with a practical buying guide while also providing an easily-accessible history of all the architectural styles which have influenced them. If nothing else, get this book to understand the housing landscape around you today.” —Burnes Hollyman,CEO President & CEO, the Digital Entertainment Alliance / Gamerista LLC

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Frank Lloyd Wright: Art Collector by Anthony Alofsin


132 pages, 51 color illust.

Published 2012

ISBN-13 (Print): 978-0-292-73721-1

Frank Lloyd Wright:Art Collector

By Anthony Alofsin

These Secessionist art prints, acquired by Frank Lloyd Wright and his lover Mamah Borthwick Cheney during their infamous flight to Europe in 1909–1910, reveal a new dimension of the architect’s taste and aesthetic preferences. This previously unknown and newly discovered group of prints from his personal art collection shows that around the turn of the twentieth century Wright had a surprising interest in European artists pursuing their own versions of modernism. Identified from careful archival research, the prints demonstrate how richly diffuse and multifaceted modernism was before the codification of a modernist canon. Wright, a revolutionary architect, preferred the work of Secessionists to that of the avant-garde of expressionism, cubism, and futurism. To Wright, the artists he selected were modern, and they appealed deeply to his interest in landscapes and graphic techniques of reproduction. In Frank Lloyd Wright, Art Collector, Anthony Alofsin presents the first catalogue raisonné of the thirty-two prints and one original drawing that constitute Wright’s Secessionist collection. Alofsin explores Wright’s encounters with German and Austrian art before his travels to Europe; the fluid definition of modern art around 1909; and the complex context for Wright’s acquiring this collection while in Europe. This book, with its original research, puts into a new light a range of artists—some famous, others unknown—who sought to express, like Wright, their own rebellion against academic traditions. A unique contribution to the history of modern art, Frank Lloyd Wright, Art Collector offers stunningly original insights into the master’s artistic taste, as well as to a group of progressive artists whose work has been undeservedly overlooked in conventional histories of modernism.